Monday, April 13, 2009


It was hard not to let out a maniacal laugh when I picked up that bucket of paint. But at the same time, I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. I still needed to check-out and stuff.

You see, 2 days earlier, I was in Home Depot buying the exact same bucket of paint along with other painting related items. When I went to the check out, the register had some sort of "Offline" difficulties. I'm a computer guy. I understand these things happen. But when the manager woman got all snotty with me, I had a hard time not flipping her off as I left. Apparently, when their system goes offline, they can't process gift cards like the $50 one I had in my wallet.

Her suggestions were a little on the meager side: I could charge it to a credit card, or I could charge it to a credit card and come back later and have the $50 credited back.

I wanted to say, "So my options are, come back.... or come back."

Apparently, the offline situation could be 5 minutes or 5 days and there was no way to find out. And there was NO ONE they could call in the entire Home Depot organization to find out either. Maybe their whole computer system is run by robots and geothermal power near the center of the earth or something. After this encounter, however, I'm more inclined to think its run by a bunch of witches standing around a cauldron on some mountain side instead.

I ended up just leaving with smoke coming out my ears. (Not directly from the witches.) It wasn't until I was laying in bed later that night that I realized that I would have the last laugh.

Since Sunday was Easter and all, I had to wait until today to get my laugh on. I ran to Home Depot before lunch and headed straight for the paint counter, "Where's your Oops paint?" The guy told me and I ran down the aisle. Sure enough, there was my paint. Indeed, it had been marked down but much more then I had imagines.

What had rung up for $12.62 a few days earlier now had a price tag on it for...$1!


Take that robot witches!


At 4/15/2009 9:03 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

So does this mean you're finishing Peanut's room? Yay!

That is a great story


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