Friday, March 13, 2009

I christened the car yesterday

I'm not normally one for breakfast nor fast food but about two or three times a year I get in the car to go to work and realize I'm either going to need to get some breakfast or take the day off work, go home, and eat. I always opt for fast food breakfast. My two breakfasts of choice are either McDonald's burritos (either the old school or the new McSkillet ones) or the BK Croiswich. Honestly though, I've tried the new BK and Wendy's burritos and they are both excellent too.

When I have my burritos I really prefer to put hot sauce on them. Honestly, I may like the hot sauce more then the burrito. The burrito is merely the method of hot sauce transmission.

But when you are driving at 75 mph, hot sauce application usually isn't the best idea. Sometimes I just do without. Yesterday though, I just waited until I got off the highway.

I was going along just fine until I gave the hot sauce packet a little too hard of a squeeze. The sauce actually arced through the air. It was pretty amazing. It landed on the door. Fortunately it only hit the plastic part and not the upholstery nor my pants.

I guess that story isn't so funny but I felt compelled to write about it for some reason.

The end.


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