Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The ground wasn't there anymore!

There's been this odd dead spot in our backyard against the fence since the day we moved in. I assumed the previous owners, being the lawn adornment fans that they were, had something there and took it with them. I intended to seed it but never got to it and after a few mowing sessions it was filled with some "nice looking" weeds and grass clippings and that was that.

Then something amazing happened this Sunday as I was mowing. I was walking along, minding my own business, and I stepped into the dead spot and suddenly the ground wasn't there anymore! The ground went almost up to my knee. Upon further inspection, I deduced that it was a sinkhole. It made sense because of the recently flooding. That area of our yard had about 2-3 inches of standing water.

I called the city to report the sinkhole for a few reason:

1. They are probably smarter then me in the sinkhole area.
2. They probably have access to heavy machinery required to properly fix the sinkhole, of which I do not.
3. The sinkhole, while no where near any building on our property is very close to our neighbor's garage behind us.
4. I don't want to pay for the dirt to fill it.

I call the public works department and the woman said they would come out and check on it. Sure enough they showed up a few hours later.

Now we really like our town and we think they are doing a good job. But they just played right into all stereotypes here. They said they would come back and fill it in at some point. But it seems they still had to leave their mark. Here are the before and after photos -



Thank you public works!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Is it ever possible?

Is it ever possible to explain the difference between an e-mail address and a website and not sound like a snarkey computer a-hole?

Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm almost even now.

I finally bothered to get $100 out of the bank and head over to the casino to play some poker.

I went over to the new Horseshoe and it is nice. The poker room as well. Feels like a Vegas casino and not some cramped boat.

I have a better appreciation for live play rather then tournaments after playing as well. On the Internet, people push all in all the time because it doesn't require any work on their part. But when you take the time to drive to the casino, wait for a table, and buy chips, you are less likely to push all in willy nilly. So I like it more but I still like tournaments the best.

I was playing 1/2 no limit and grabbed a few pots early which supported my limping for a while until I was dealt QQ. Villain #1 was sitting on my left. He was playing loose/aggressive and not showing an hands which led me to believe he was bluffing or playing just pairs. He was very vocal and possibly a little tipsy as well. I knew if I could get the nuts on him I could probably value bet him out of a lot of money. Villain #2 was a good and aggressive player with a big stack.I really didn't want to get into any hands with him but as luck would have it I did.

I bet $15 preflop and Villain #1 raised to $40. Villain #2 called as did I. Flop came J83 rainbow. I checked under the gun for information. Both villains did as well. Turn came another 3. I bet $30 and got called by both. #1 hesitated a bit. River came a 8. At this point only AA, KK or a set could beat me. I figured if they had anything they would have bet harder on any other street seeing how aggressive they were. And if they happen to have an 8, they wouldn't have waited around till the river. So I push my remaining $42 in. Both reluctantly called. #2 showed me a jack and I believe a 10. #1 mucked, cursed at me, and left the table never to return. So I tripled up. And now, considering my money loses online, I'm almost even.

I already spent the money on a ladder, leaf blower and $50 into my Full Tilt account however.

But I think I'll go back again soon.