Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Windows Vista has a new feature called ReadyBoost. Basically you plug in any flash memory card, be it USB or something else like an SD card, and it will use the memory for a swap file. The idea being that, although its not as fast as a RAM upgrade, its still way faster then your hard drive.

I've only been using it for an hour now but I can already see the difference. I have 1 GB of RAM and my hard drive used to crunch all day long. But now its not. Vista is generally less sluggish too.

Now you are thinking, "Why not get more RAM?" Of course more RAM is good. But Windows is always going to have a swap file. (Unless you have 8GB of RAM and specifically turn it off which I still don't recommend.) Why not put it on a flash drive rather then your hard drive? I bought an 8 GB flash drive for $40. ReadyBoost took the max of 4 GB and I can use the other 4 GB for storage.

I just think its sweet.


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