Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here's a novel idea

Today I was 20 min late for work because the first stop light southbound on lake shore was out. It was just flashing red. So, obviously, treating that intersection like a stop sign doesn't work very well.

My first thought was, "Why don't I see any Streets and Sanitation trucks fixing it?!" I've got no answer for that.

My second though was, "Why isn't a cop directing traffic?!" There was a cop sitting in his car 50 feet from the intersection. But then I took remorse and thought that maybe it'd be a little dangerous to do that. He'd probably get all the cars moving North/South and then not be able to stop them.

So here's a novel idea, put a manual override on the stop light box. Let the cop or whoever safely run the lights from the curb. If those lights are flashing red then they probably will still do greens and yellows too.


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