Friday, January 25, 2008

WooHoo! Tax Season!

Some people may think I'm a sick individual but, as a general rule, I love tax time. But that is only because 9 years out of 10 I get a refund. (Ugh. My bum still hurts from last year though.)

This year better be a whopper though. I didn't do any non-tax deductible work on the side. We had a kid and an appendix. And I forgot the claim the kid as a dependant for a long while so I paid extra there. Then, to top it off, it looks like we'll all get a little bonus from the government with this new $600/$1200 tax refund thingy.

And then, as if that all weren't enough, if you bought a diamond between 1994 and March 2006 you could be eligible for a 33% refund thanks to De Beers and their price fixing. Daaaa Beers!

Ok. This is a weak post but I had to put something up after slacking for this long. This blog definitely needs more cowbell.


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