Monday, January 28, 2008

Pure as the driven snow?

I was walking in between buildings through one of our many above-street tunnels at work today and I looked down and saw an Ice Mountain truck. Under the logo it said "Pure as the driven snow."

And this was the first thing that popped into my head:

Maybe the Ice Mountain advertising people still lived in a world where the average person hops in a horse-driven sleigh to go get groceries or, you know, go to grandmother's house. But when I think of driven snow I think of a brown icey substance in the street gutter that may or may not contain dog pee.

Or human pee for that matter.

Friday, January 25, 2008

WooHoo! Tax Season!

Some people may think I'm a sick individual but, as a general rule, I love tax time. But that is only because 9 years out of 10 I get a refund. (Ugh. My bum still hurts from last year though.)

This year better be a whopper though. I didn't do any non-tax deductible work on the side. We had a kid and an appendix. And I forgot the claim the kid as a dependant for a long while so I paid extra there. Then, to top it off, it looks like we'll all get a little bonus from the government with this new $600/$1200 tax refund thingy.

And then, as if that all weren't enough, if you bought a diamond between 1994 and March 2006 you could be eligible for a 33% refund thanks to De Beers and their price fixing. Daaaa Beers!

Ok. This is a weak post but I had to put something up after slacking for this long. This blog definitely needs more cowbell.