Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Silly Yogurt People

Have you noticed the proliferation of yogurt-based products?

I’ve seen several ads for this product called Yo-J. Have you seen this? It’s like some sort of yogurt/orange juice hybrid?

Now I’m not one of those yippie-dippy smoothie drinking people but I can’t imagine ever having a desire to drink this product. Never in my life have I been eating yogurt and drinking orange juice and thought to my...actually, I’ve never eaten yogurt and drank OJ at the same time ever but…even if I had at some point, I can’t imagine saying, “Man. I’m really going to have to mix these together before I can continue.”

Or how about this one: Go-gurt. It’s yogurt in a squeezie tube for people who need their yogurt on the go. Seriously. How long does it take to eat a cup of yogurt? A yogurt cup is what? 2 spoonfuls….maybe 3 if you scrape the bottom and sides? Who doesn’t have time for this? I’d like to meet the person who has a job that prohibits them from spending that much time eating yogurt. Here. Watch how long it takes for me to eat a cup of yogert. Time me.

Ok. Go in the fridge here and grab my yogurt.

Over to the spoon drawer to get my spoon.

Alright. Lets open the top here……man these are hard to open……ok. There.

Scoop 1. Mmmmm…..

Scoop 2. That’s good. Man I wish I had some OJ.

*scrape* *scrape* Scoop 3….


How long was that? 30 seconds? I don’t get it.


At 1/24/2007 7:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yogurt Time Trial Number 2:


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