Friday, July 28, 2006

Best tv dinner ever

I'm of the opinion that Lean Cuisine's are the best made "tv dinners." Their meat isn't as scary as other brands and I think I've maybe only had one inedible dinner from them ever. I know, I know. Sometimes you need to eat, like, four of them to fill you up but that's ok. Every so often Jewel has a 10 for $10 deal. You have no excuse then. Hell. You could even eat FIVE of them at that low, low price.

But today, I will tell you what the best one of the bunch is. Now I don't claim to have tried ALL the lean cuisines but I have tried probably in the 20+ range and for my money, the best is Sesame Chicken:

The noodles with beans and the light sauce is good but omg is the chicken excellent. Chicken is usually a huge gamble with tv dinners but I haven't had a bad piece in this meal. The chicken is really tender too. I donno how they do it.


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