Wednesday, February 22, 2006

GalCiv 2

I think Radres told me about the first GalCiv game and I think I even downloaded it but didn't really have time to get into it. My favorite turn-based stratagy is, and probably always will be, Birth of the Federation. Turn-based goodness AND Star Trek. Mmmmm... But Tycho posted that GalCiv 2 is out now so I checked out the screen shots. I think I really want to play but I still don't think I have the time to. Hmm...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

RadioShack to close up to 700 stores

NEW YORK (Reuters) - RadioShack Corp. (NYSE:RSH - news), whose chief executive has admitted to lying on his resume, on Friday said quarterly profit fell 62 percent after a switch in wireless providers led to an inventory write-down, sending its shares to a nearly three-year low.

BIG surprise. Whenever I need to make a RadioShack trip for components I have to feign illness and try to get an unsuspecting friend or relative to go in my place. Why do you need my phone number? No I don't want a cell phone or a credit card! I want a $5 breadboard and some solder! Do they actually think that they can get people who come in for batteries to leave with a Verizon phone and a $2,000 credit line?

How about they rewind the clock to the '80s and do what they USED to do best. Sell electronics and hobby kits and some cheap A/V equipment. Don't sell cell phones and computers. Make the store fun again. Like a poor mans Sharper Image. TRUE. They won't be able to grow into a Best Buy with this model. But they'll have your own little niche market to themselves.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

There's no ham in it...

I like rice. White or brown. Doesn't matter. I'll even eat it plain. I say this because I discovered last night that, as far as vehicles for carrying chunky peanut butter are concerned, rice cakes are no good. I'm not particularly enamored with the very dry crunchiness. It's like spreading peanut butter on crunchy air. Perhaps if I coated both sides of the cake with peanut butter it would be better but at that stage, what's the point. I like peanut butter on toast or graham crackers but the best Jif transmitter is by far apples. Unfortunately, they are complicated too which frustrates me. But if you can get it in your mouth in the right ratio its good stuff. If you're eating an open-face peanut butter sandwich I also suggest chocolate milk on the side.

As a side, plain old butter on graham crackers is also good. Though butter on almost everything is usually excellent.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It moved.

I swear to god; The urinal cake and it's little protective plastic holder thing MOVED since this morning. I pray that it floats or something because the alternative is that someone either has hella-strong piss or that they are physically REACHING down there for some reason!